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Piano Competition Answers

Wednesday 25 June, 2008

To the Year 10 boys helping me with this,

Here is the file with the answers I gave you in written format today. Please go over them and make sure the details are correct, otherwise we are not even considered for the prize. During class on Friday, please have the 100 words or less ready. You need to have the enrolment form I gave you filled out, with the correct answers either written on the form or typed seperately (I assume this is ok, please check). Good luck boys, do the school proud!


Animated Fantasy Instruments

Saturday 14 June, 2008

Ok, these instruments are not real, but wouldn’t it be cool if they were?!

Here’s an awesome guitar with way too many fingers…

And here’s an instrument that’s a cross between a pinball machine and a jazz-rock band…


Year 7 and 8 Exam Revision

Wednesday 11 June, 2008

Year 7 and 8 exam revisions are now available from the “Pages” menu to the right, or you can click on one of the following links:

Year 7 – Exam Revision

Year 8 – Exam Revision

If you have a question please post a comment on the appropriate page. I will try and get back to you within 24 hours. Break a leg boys!