Kick Back to Some Music

Hey guys! I noticed there were quite a few hits over the past week, so I thought I’d post some audio and music links to give you some food for thought and some study music to kick back to.

Firstly… “Cog”. If you haven’t checked out this cutting edge Sydney band, then you’re missing out!

  • Cog @ (link currently unavailable, hopefully online soon) – Awesome blog post with “Resonate” mp3, you can actually download it (right click “mp3” – “save target as”) and put it on your mp3 player or mobile!
  • Cog’s Player @ MySpace – the band’s own music player from their Cog MySpace Music page. Wow 600,000 plays!
  • Cog @ Wikipedia – Find out how it all began. Maybe your band will be posted on Wikipedia one day?!
  • Triple J Live – A huge selection of recordings from all the latest bands. Check out Cog‘s eight song setlist! Forty minutes of awesome Aussie rock! WARNING ***Low Level Coarse Language***

And some links for your general listening pleasure…

  • Triple J Unearthed – Unearthed for the big boys and girls. Some radio edits on the current five nominees for this prestigious award.
  • Take 40 Player @ – Cool browser player with heaps of songs that include video clips. Click the purple arrow for more song lists and if your bandwidth can handle it, try “super” video quality and go full screen! Music videos on demand for free!

If you find any other groovy Aussie music sites, please let me know by commenting to this post and I’ll include them here! Enjoy your holidays and keep the spirit of Aussie music alive!


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