School Ensembles for 2009

I would like you boys to start thinking about music groups and ensembles you would like to participate in for 2009. Here are some ideas…

  • Rock group
  • Jazz ensemble
  • Lebanese drumming group
  • Reggae ensemble
  • Barbershop choir
  • R&B ensemble
  • Classical guitar ensemble
  • DJ group
  • Percussion ensemble

Do any of these ensembles interest you? If so, please leave a comment! Is there a group not mentioned here? If so, please leave a comment.

I have made a poll, and if there is sufficient interest from this post, I will post it here to see what groups boys are interested in.

So what can you do during the holidays to prepare? Think of a song list, practice some songs, contact other students who may be interested, look for any music material online (audio files, YouTube videos, TABs, public domain sheet music), go to Allans Print Music and see if there is music I can buy for you, email me any questions or information you have so I can go over it with you (my school email is “aclare@” with the usual school ending).

So get involved! Let’s make 2009 an awesome year for music at our school!


5 Responses to “School Ensembles for 2009”

  1. Carlo Says:

    wat about classical ensaembles or some thing like that?? n a percussion ensemble in general instead of juss lebanese drumming like sumtin wat we did in class =P

    • mrclare Says:

      Hey Carlo, what about a classical guitar group? And percussion ensemble sounds awesome, we tried that earlier in the year but we should give it another go. And I have guitar pro Bob 😀 And thanx heaps for the comments guys!

  2. Bob Says:

    I truly recommend you (Mr. Clare) get guitar pro.

  3. who is bob? Says:

    i don’t remember a bob being in any music classes at school?

  4. the greatest student ever. Says:

    also, awesome picture sir, such a mr clare joke…

    *does mr clare laugh mmmgghehehahahaahmm

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