All Years – Online Resources

Online Music Resources
~ compiled by Year 11 music students 2009 ~

This list includes guitar tabs, vocal lyrics, chord charts, instrumental notation, drum notation, online audio and demonstration video clips. Click the blue titles to go to the websites

  • Ultimate Guitar (from Louie, Declan, Blake, Milad, Andrei, Vincent and Dean)
    Description: A large guitarist community website known for its large amount of guitar and bass tablature, reviews of music and equipment, interviews with notable musicians, online written and video lessons, and forums.
  • Music Notes (from Louie and Andrei)
    Description: Provides nearly 90,000 pieces of digital sheet music, guitar tablature and piano sheet music. User has option to buy official sheet music.
  • (from Louie)
    Description: Provides music lyrics for a variety of songs.
  • A-Z chords (from Declan)
    Description: This site is a tabs site and it has auto scroll. It is a great resource.
  • Mega Chords (from Declan)
    Description: This site displays chords and is very good!
  • 911 Tabs (from Blake, Andrei, Dean and Darren)
    Description: A revolutionary tabs search engine with over 3,500,000 tabs for guitar, bass, piano and drums.
  • Lyrics Mode (from Blake)
    Description: Has vocal lyrics.
  • Youtube (from Milad, Zion, Roel and Darren)
    Description: Search for videos, lyrics, scores and tabs. Good for people who do not like reading notes and learn better from watching.
  • Sweet Lyrics (from Roel)
    Description: Lyrics website.
  • Lyrics Freak (from Roel)
    Description: Lyrics website.
  • AZ Lyrics (from Dean)
    Description: Lyrics collection organized by artists alphabetically. Search engine included.
  • (from Zion)
    Description: Good collection of chord charts across a broad variety of genres, includes a five speed auto scroll.
  • All Guitar Chords (from Zion)
    Description: Great site that is very educational and good for beginners.

If you have any other online music resources, please leave a reply below in this format…

  • Title: <title of website> (from <your first name>)
    URL: <location of website>
    Description: <details of website>

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