Year 7 – Semester 1 Exam


Year 7 students will need to revise the following areas before their exam on Tuesday 8th June 2010.

Remember to also study Unit 1 to Unit 9 in your Theory book. Break a leg!


The Treble Clef and Bass Clef 25%

You will need to know bass clef and treble clef letter names from one ledger line below the stave to one ledger line above the stave.

Check out:

  1. Letter names Image 1, Page 1 (just the first two sections) and the video underneath

The style of questions you will be asked are as follows:

  • Draw a circle around the note that is higher in pitch
  • Write a treble clef and a bass clef
  • Write the letter name of the given note
  • Write the note on the stave (when given the letter and if it appears on a line or in a space)


Note Values 25%

You will need to know the notes values of a semibreve, minim, crotchet and quaver and their relationship with one another.

Check out:

  1. Note values Image 1 and the video underneath

The style of questions you will beasked are as follows:

  • Write the note values (from the British and American names)
  • How many notes go into another note
  • Rewrite a passage of single quavers with a beam
  • Write the notes in order from shortest to longest and name them


Listening 50%

In this section (which will come first in the exam) you will listen to 2 orchestral excerpts (songs) worth 25% each.

You will need to know how to identify orchestral instruments, orchestral families and musical concepts by listening to them in each song.


Check out:

  1. Orchestral instruments and families Page 1 (you can even listen to them!) and the video below. Please note that keyboards are not a part of the orchestra.


The concepts you will need to write about are Tempo, Dynamics, Pitch and Texture. See the lists below for how to speak about each concept:


  • How fast or slow is the music? eg. very fast, fast, moderately fast, moderately slow, slow, very slow
  • Is the music constant or does it speed up or slow down?
  • Are some instruments faster or slower than others?


  • How soft or loud is the music? eg. very loud, loud, moderately loud, moderately soft, soft, very soft
  • Does the music get louder or softer during the song, and if so, how? eg. suddenly louder, suddenly softer, gradually louder, gradually softer
  • Are some instruments softer or louder than others?


  • How high or low does each instrument sound? eg. very high, high, moderately high, moderately low, low, very low
  • Does the sound get higher or lower for that instrument?
  • What shape are the melodies? eg. rising, falling, rising and falling, constantly high, constantly low
  • Are any melodies repeated or are they different?


  • How many instrumental layers are there? eg. very thick, thick, moderately thick, moderately thin, thin, very thin
  • Which instruments play the melody?
  • Which instruments play the accompaniment or chords?
  • Which instruments play the bassline?


If you have any questions, please post them below and check back for your answer (or select the box to receive an email when another comment is posted)


40 Responses to “Year 7 – Semester 1 Exam”

  1. Jaron M Says:

    so wat exactly do we have to study

  2. Suwavi S Says:

    Hi Mr.Clare, I just wanna know if i have to answer the listening part with evrything listed. Will I lose marks if I don’t answer it with all that. Coz its a little hard to remember ALL that.

    • mrclare Says:

      Hey Suwavi, There does seem like a lot to remember. For each listening excerpts you will have to list the instruments and comment on the four concepts of Dynamics, Pitch, Tempo and Texture. Apart from that you may need to identify orchestral families.

      For each of the four concepts you just need to remember what it is referring to, you can probably make the rest up from listening during the exam. And you get each of the two listening excerpts four times, so this should give you plenty of time to think about how to answer each concept.

      Does this help at all? If you have any other question please let me know!

  3. charbel.d Says:

    Is the test based in what we have done in class?

  4. charbel.d Says:

    and what are the mark barriers
    Eg. 0-12 is a E????

  5. Michael C Says:

    Hi Sir,

    I just wanted to know if we have to bring any specific equipment e.g Music books. I’m asking just in case I forget to bring something which will affect my marks in my exam. Thanks 🙂

    • mrclare Says:

      Hey Michael, great question! You will need a pencil, eraser and pencil sharpener. Apart from this you may want to bring a pen and ruler. That’s all! Good luck in your exam!

  6. Sebastian.B Says:

    Hey Sir..Just wondering, will we be allowed to go through our books eg:music book or theory book before the test soo we can refresh our mind of some things..? Thank u 🙂

  7. Gerard S Says:

    due to the exam being up to unit 20 and we have only completed units 1 – 11 do we finish the book basically or what?

    • mrclare Says:

      Hey Gerard, if students have not completed up to unit 20 I would suggest reading through the blue boxes for each of the units and completing the revision units. You do not need to worry about units 21 to 40. If you do not understand any of these units please see me during school or post a message here so I help you.

  8. Gerard S Says:

    and do we have to name the instruments when listening?

  9. Marcel F Says:

    Hi , Mr Clare

    do we still have to study up to Unit 20 if we are not up to it ?


    • mrclare Says:

      Hey Marcel, yes you need to study up to unit 20. Theory units you should make sure you understand are letter names, note values, time signatures, ties, slurs and staccatos.

  10. Antonio J Says:

    Hi Sir, I was wondering If these instruments that we will be listening to In the exam are instruments that we have been introduced to before or have listened to them before..

    • mrclare Says:

      Hey Antonio, yes all the instruments in the exam have been covered in class. The main instruments from each of the four families are basically all you will have to know, not the related or unusual ones.

  11. Antonio J Says:

    Hey Sir, Just another question, You know when It comes to writing the Note with the Treble & Bass Cleff. Do we have to write the notes in Lines going down (vertical) or do we have to write them Like how we do normally in Music Class?

    • mrclare Says:

      Hey Antonio, you will be asked to give the letter names of notes already written and to write notes asked for (eg. write an F on the line for the treble clef). Does this answer your question?

  12. abraham.r Says:

    Sir, wat exactly do we have to write in the texture area because i am not sure wat a baseline is

    • mrclare Says:

      Hey Abraham, texture refers to how many instruments there is. If there are lots of instruments then the texture is thick, if not many or one then it is thin. It can also get thicker or thinner gradually or suddenly. The texture can also remain constant. You can go further by talking about what each layer is doing, such as the bassline, melody or harmony. If this is too difficult then just concentrate on saying 3 different things about texture and you may get full marks for it. Hope that helps.

  13. abraham.r Says:

    and wat is it out of

  14. raymond e Says:

    will they be asking us what are bar lines and how many beats are in the the crotchets etc

    • mrclare Says:

      Hey Raymond, no there will be questions relating to barlines (or time signatures) as we have not covered this thoroughly yet. You will have to know how many notes go into another note, such as how many quavers go into a minim etc.

  15. Reylorn A Says:

    Hey Mr Clare,
    i know the exam is already over, but i just wanted to know, what is dynamics? and what is texture? i had alot of time to try figure what it is, but i didn’t get it!


  16. Michael C Says:

    Hey sir,

    This has been in my mind for a while. I just wanted to know: What was the name of the song that was played with all those woodwind instruments?

  17. melymoo Says:

    heyy can u give me a song i can sing for my music exam? I’m really shy but its the only thing i’m good at. HELP! :S

  18. melymoo Says:

    I need to practice for my tests on Monday. TODAY IS SATURDAY!

  19. emma Says:

    i need to practice for my exam tomorrow

  20. Harry Gay Says:

    Hi mr Clare you don’t know me but I know you and wasssup

  21. Harry Gay Says:

    Hi mr.clare I am starting up guitar and I don’t know how to finish this song MAGIC TREE

  22. Olivia Says:

    hi,How do i revise for a music exam i am in yr 7 what should i do?

  23. Byron Says:

    Hi I am in year 7 and I have got a yearly music test coming up. How do I prepare myself and what should I study for to achieve high marks.

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