Year 8 – Semester 1 Exam


Year 8 students will need to revise the following areas before their exam on Tuesday 8th June 2010.

Remember to also study Unit 1 to Unit 20 in your Theory book. Break a leg!


Clefs and Note Values 25%

You will need to know bass clef and treble clef letter names from two ledger lines below the stave to two ledger lines above the stave.

You will also need to know the notes values and rest values of a semibreve, minim, crotchet, quaver, semiquaver and their relationship with one another.

Check out:

  1. Notes on the treble clef and bass clef Image, Page and the two videos underneath
  2. Note values and names Image
  3. Rests Image

The style of questions you will be asked are as follows:

  • Write a treble clef and a bass clef
  • Write the letter name of the given note
  • Write the note values (from the British and American names)
  • How many notes go into another note
  • Write a single note or dotted note to equal the given notes


Time Signatures and Expression Markings 25%

You will need to know time signatures between 2 and 5 beats that use crotchet beats, quaver beats and minim beats.

You will also need to know dotted notes, tied notes and the expression markings slurs and staccatos.

Check out:

  1. Time signatures Page 1, Page 2 and the top of Page 3
  2. Dotted notes and rests Image 1 and Image 2
  3. Slurs and staccatos Page 1 (just the section it goes to)

The style of questions you will beasked are as follows:

  • Write the omitted figure in the time signature
  • Write one bar of beats for the time signature
  • Write 2 tied notes that equal the following
  • Add bar lines to the following rhythm, including a double bar line at the end
  • Write in a slur, a tie and a staccato to the following melody


    Listening 50%

    In this section (which will come first in the exam) you will listen to 2 jazz excerpts (songs) worth 25% each.

    You will need to know how to identify jazz instruments, jazz characteristics and musical concepts by listening to them in each song.


    Jazz characteristics you may need to identify by listening to an excerpt include:

    • Improvisation
    • Syncopation
    • Walking bassline
    • Melodic instruments
    • Accompanying chordal instruments
    • Time signature
    • Tempo
    • Ostinato
    • Voice types
    • Scat singing


    The concepts you will need to write about are Pitch, Rhythm, Dynamics and Texture. See the lists below for how to speak about each concept:


    • How high or low does each instrument sound? eg. very high, high, moderately high, moderately low, low, very low
    • Does the sound get higher or lower for that instrument?
    • What shape are the melodies? eg. rising, falling, rising and falling, constantly high, constantly low
    • Are any melodies repeated or are they constantly different?


    • How long or short do the notes for each instrument sound? eg. very long, long, moderately long, moderately short, very short
    • Are the rhythms repeated or do they constantly change?
    • What is the tempo of the song? Is the tempo strict or more free flowing?
    • What is the time signature of the song?


    • How soft or loud is the music? eg. very loud, loud, moderately loud, moderately soft, soft, very soft
    • Does the music get louder or softer during the song, and if so, how? eg. suddenly louder, suddenly softer, gradually louder, gradually softer
    • Are some instruments softer or louder than others?


    • How many instrumental layers are there? eg. very thick, thick, moderately thick, moderately thin, thin, very thin
    • Which instruments play the melody?
    • Which instruments play the accompaniment or chords?
    • Which instruments play the bassline?


    If you have any questions, please post them below and check back for your answer (or select the box to receive an email when another comment is posted)


    4 Responses to “Year 8 – Semester 1 Exam”

    1. chris Says:

      This is very hard -.-

    2. elariaa Says:

      thaanks heaps !
      really helped in my exam 🙂

    3. Tharindu Says:

      I want only notes and rests from a breve to a demisemiquaver. This is good, but I can’t get the real idea.

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